6 Ways to Convince Your Company to Start a Blog The transition from traditional marketing to digital can be a tough topic for some marketing professionals to upper management. Traditional marketing, at its core, is to contain all of the valuable product/service and industry information and only display it to the current client base and well known prospects. Digital marketing , at its core, is the complete opposite. Sharing information is why the internet was established and marketing in this realm is no different.

I would like to tell you that I have used all of these tactics with my current company to establish a blog, but I didn’t. The president of the company was very proactive with both digital marketing and blogging as worthy marketing and company initiatives. Since every organization is different suggesting a blog may not be as simple as mentioning that there is a need for one. Here are some suggestions that might convince your company to start a blog:

1. Show the statistics from the experts

Take advice from the people who are blogging for a living. A great example of this is Robert Farrington’s post: How I Doubled My Traffic by Finding My Audience

2. Show how the competitors in the space are participating

If they are, then you have to get in and beat them to the punch on new topics, or put a unique spin that only your company can provide. If they are not then you can be the first company and position yourself as the thought leader.

3. Get their attention by presenting in a medium that you know upper management pays attention to

Whether it is with a presentation, during a weekly call, suggesting a digital marketing book, or a mass email; promote the topic in a place that will get their attention.

4. Show example search queries

There are vast topics on every industry. For instance you can find top results for a variety of topics such as “finding top candidates” “best ways to make money”, and “how to buy a used car” most of which have blog post results.

5.Create a list of blog post topics and a calendar

It’s easy to resist going into unknown territory without a plan, but having scheduled ideas can only help the cause. Consistency is probably the most important aspect of a successful blog. Whether it’s once a week or once a month, schedule the blog posts so that an audience knows what to expect.

6. Promote the price (FREE)

Present the topic the way you would any other marketing initiative and show that programs such as WordPress can be used at no cost. An opportunity to increase website traffic without a cost is a no-brainer.

If you need further assistance convincing your company to start a blog feel free to leave a comment below or send me an email.